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We are looking for interns in the field of applied geoscience!
Further information can be found here.


We have joind the Allgäu brand as a partner!
We are looking forward to support the ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development of the Allgäu area.

Allgäu Markenpartner


Technical Supervision - Reconstruction of canal and water pipe system in municipality Ronsberg
Sampling of soil, chemical analysis in the laboratory, evaluation of the results according to german waste legislation, recommendation for the waste disposal according to german legislation .

soil profile

Investigation of Contaminants in Buildings

_Sampling of building material

_Analysis of contaminants by a subcontracted analytical laboratory

_Evaluation of the results

_Design of waste management concepts

Controlled Decommissioning

_Design of decommissioning concepts

_Design of waste management concepts

_Design of work- and safety plans according to german regulations (BGR 128)

Call for Bids, Contracting and Construction Supervision

_Inquiries at several decommissioning and waste disposal companies

_Examination and Evaluation of the offers, price comparison lists, contracting recommendation

_Supervision of decommissioning and waste management

_Documentation and communication with the authorities

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