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We are looking for interns in the field of applied geoscience!
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We have joind the Allgäu brand as a partner!
We are looking forward to support the ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development of the Allgäu area.

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Technical Supervision - Reconstruction of canal and water pipe system in municipality Ronsberg
Sampling of soil, chemical analysis in the laboratory, evaluation of the results according to german waste legislation, recommendation for the waste disposal according to german legislation .

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Heat Pump Systems

Holistic Project Planning of Geothermal Energy Systems

_We plan your geothermal heating system, starting from the drilling operation to the final floor heating system synchronize all system components optimally. You have one single contact person for your haben nur einen Ansprechpartner für geothermal heating system, such that you obtain an efficient and functional system.

Precise Design of the Individual Components

_The length of the bore hole heat exchangers should be designed according to the needed heating and cooling energy quantity as well as the heating and cooling energy load. Based on calculations from the german energy conservation regulation (EnEV) a realistic prognosis on the heating and cooling needs of the building can be performed. In case of complex conditions, a building simulation can be useful to achieve an optimal supply of the building for the respective needs. During the system design the special characteristics of geothermal energy systems are taken into account to omit over- or undersizing.

Individual Assessment of your Building Site

_The geological and governmental regulatory preconditions are site-specific. We investigate the geology for you and assess the preconditions with the authorities for you. Wir untersuchen für Sie, We simultaneously determine the optimal heat source (well or borehole heat exchanger)at your location.

Geological Expertises and Feasibility Studies

_We provide expertises and feasibility studies for your project, no matter if it is a small family home or a complex industrial building. Dabei erstreckt sich unsere We also offer solutions for the design of geothermal energy systems for large residential areas. We have access to the necessary modelling software and instruments (Thermal Response Test) to design your individual geothermal energy system optimally.

Economic Analyses

_How will your system be most profitable? We can perform the calculations for you, based on the geological, hydrological and technical conditions at your building site.

Background Information

Factors influencing system design

A geothermal heating system works most effectively, if all system components are optimally adjusted to one another. The design is based on the energy needs of the building (1). In case cooling is also needed, this needs to be considered additionally.
If the energy needs of the building are known, the geological conditions at the site need to be determined to define the depth, number and performance of the heat exchangers (2). Here the governmental requirements should also be considered.
One important prerequisite for an efficient system is a low initial flow temperature. The optimal temperature is considered to be 35°C. For this reason a low temperature distribution system should be chosen in the building (e.g. under floor, ceiling or wall heating systems are ideal). An one-degree increase of the initial flow temperature decreases the profitability by 2.5 % (3).
The heat pump transfers the heat of the environment into your building. When designing and choosing the heat pump the individual needs and preconditions need to be considered. The heat pump should not be switched on and off too often to minimize the deterioration of the heat pump and to reduce electricity costs (4). The supply of hot water should also be reviewed thoroughly considering the individual needs to determine and design the optimal components.

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