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Hannes Thomasch

Hannes Thomasch

Dipl.-Geoecologist (Univ.)


Project manager geothermal energy, technical expert of german regulations on quality assurance of geothermal drilling (LQS EWS), dimensioning of geothermal probe fields with the Earth Energy Designer (EED), temperature field calculations, determination of geothermal subsurface parameters from Thermal Response Tests (TRT) and temperature-depth-profiles, groundwater monitoring, responsible for geographic information systems (GIS)

Kerstin Schwarz

Kerstin Schwarz

Dipl.-Geologist (Univ.)


Project manager in the field of geothermal energy and contaminated sites.

Anja Klein


Project assistant responsible for accounting.

Melanie König

Melanie König


Project assistant responsible for accounting.



Training according to DVGW 120-2: Automatic sealing control of geothermal drilling using the CEM-Trakker on 27th Jan. 2017
The most discussed topic in the geothermal engergy indistry is the "automatic sealing control". The training will introduce the topic and provide backgroundknowledge regarding drilling, grouting, building materials and underground in the context of automatic sealing control. Moreover, the use of the CEM-Trakker is shown and trained with real data and real hardware, such that the use of the system s understood and applied correctly. Further information and the registration (in German) can be found here.


Landfill Site Ruppenmanklitz - Detailed Investigation
Technical project support and construction supervision during percussion drillings and the installation of 3 temporary groundwater monitoring wells in cooperation with GEO4 (see picture). During the exploratory work soil, soil air, and strata water samples were taken by the GEO4 Team and subsequently analysed in the lab. Next steps: key date measurements, potentially groundwater sampling, evaluation of the results and risk evaluation regarding the soil-groundwater and soil-soil air-human dynamic pathways.

percussion drillings Ruppenmanklitz


Landfill Site Simmerberg - Detailed Investigation
Technical project support and construction supervision during the construction of 3 monitoring wells, expert opinion report: hazard assesment regarding the soil-groundwater dynamic pathway.

Grundwassermessstelle Grundwassermessstelle Grundwassermessstelle


...view of the Rhine valley, taken during the lunch break after all work is done...

Geothermal engerywith abeautiful view of the Rhine valley


We are looking for interns in the field of applied geoscience!
Further information can be found here.


We have joind the Allgäu brand as a partner!
We are looking forward to support the ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development of the Allgäu area.

Allgäu Markenpartner


Technical Supervision - Reconstruction of canal and water pipe system in municipality Ronsberg
Sampling of soil, chemical analysis in the laboratory, evaluation of the results according to german waste legislation, recommendation for the waste disposal according to german legislation .

soil profile soil profile


Contaminant Survey
Contaminant surveys in two landmarked buildings previous to restoration and decontamination.

Teerkorkdämmung in Mauerwerk Eingangshalle Magnesitestrich auf Holzboden


Knowledge Trasfer Geothermal Heat
Talk by Dr. Rainer Klein during the "Praxisforum Erdwärme" on 24th February 2016 in Offenburg as part of the programme of the "Fachmesse Geotherm 2016". Experiences and appreciation of the automatic sealing surveillance in Baden-Württemberg The slides are available here.


Water Protection Area Donautal, Ehingen
Installation of data loggers for the continuous measurement of the water level and temperature at groundwater and receiving water monitoring sites.

water protection area


A small anniversary!!!
In October 2015 we conducted our 50th Thermal-Response-Test. A big thank you to all our loyal customers for your trust! We are looking forward to making use of our competence to also in the future explore the ground for the use of geothermal energy reliably for you.

TRT Measuring device TRT Measuring device


Exploratory Analysis according to german legislation (BBodSchV)
of two former landfills in Aichach-Friedberg, coordination and supervision of remediation and sampling, evaluation of analysis, hazard assessment with respect to the exposure pathways soil-water, soil-agricultural plant and soil-human.

drill core landfill drill core


Landfill in Legau - Detailed Survey
Technical suport and supervision during the construction of 3 grundwater- and 2 soil air monitoring points. Thereafter: sampling of groundwater and soil air, preparation of expertise.

sampling groundwater sampling soil air sampling groundwater


Landfill Remediation in Kempten
Technical supervision, sampling and chemical analysis in the laboratory, preparation of a waste management concept in cooperation with responsible authorities, documentation.

landfill profile landfill profile waste disposal


Historical survey - Military Training Site Füssen
Investigation and Evaluation of available documentation, multitemporal maps- and aerial images, oral history interviews, preparation of a contaminant register.

shooting range shooting range shooting range


Deconstruction of the Former Textiles Factory, Kempten - Geotechnical Site Management
Geotechnical consulting, drill cores and sampling of potentially contaminated or hazardous materials, classification according to waste management legislation, waste management, communication with authorities.

Drilling in the basement without light Nature concuring back the building drill core


Water Protection Area Donautal, Ehingen - Report on competing land use and contaminated sites
The report summarizes the available information on the competing land use and the contaminated sites in the surrounding areas of the water protection area Ehingen. From the information on the classification of the hazards on subjects of protection in the land register on land use and contaminated sites the hazard for the drinking water extraction at the horizontal filter well Donautal is determined and evaluated.

Wasserschutzgebiet Ehingen


Dismantling Investigation Grenzwies Skilift
Geotechnical consulting, drill cores of diesel contaminated foundations, classification according to waste management legislation, waste management, communication with authorities.

Grenzwies Skilift liquid concrete transport in the mountains contaminated foundations


A new member for the team
Hydrologist Karin Spiegelhalter supports the _boden & grundwasser~ team as a project manager at the office in Sonthofen - Welcome! _


New Directive on State-founded Support of Ground-coupled Heat Pumps
From April 1st, 2015 new guidelines for the state-founded support of ground-coupled heat pumps come into effect. The compilation provided by the german heat pump association (Bundesverband Wärmepumpe, bwp) giving an overview, can be found here. The manifold objects of funding and bonuses can be confusing at first sight. To support you in getting the most out of the new directive, we offer you our qualified and professional guidance. We are looking forward to your inquiries!

Postkarte Förderung BPW


Water Protection Area Donautal, Ehingen - Report of the Hydrological Data Basis
The Report summarizes the available information on the geological and hydrological conditions in the area of the Water Protection Area Ehingen. Moreover information on the horizontal filter well, drilling points and groundwater measuring points, wells and level measurements at the receiving water are included. In addition recommendations with respect to the exploring measures are given.

Wasserschutzgebiet Ehingen


1. Place in the Video Contest of the German Federal Association for Soil
The students we supported, won the first prize in the video contest of the german federal association for soil - "Why is the forest soil important to you?". The movie can be watched here. Information on the project can be found here. We are happy about the students interest and enthusiasm for soil and congratulate the students!


Good things come to those who wait...
After a long time of preparation, finally a book has been published, covering all aspects of near-surface geothermal energy, including descriptions of recent developments. Dr. Rainer Klein from _boden & grundwasser~ is among the authors. We hope you will enjoy the reading and gain some knowledge!


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik e.V. / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften e.V. (Hrsg.)

Empfehlung Oberflächennahe Geothermie - Planung, Bau, Betrieb und Überwachung - EA Geothermie

Das Ziel der Empfehlung ist die fachgerechte Erschließung des Untergrunds für geothermische Zwecke. Sie soll helfen, Schäden für den Boden und das Grundwasser sowie für den Betrieb der Anlage und der Bebauung zu vermeiden.

November 2014
300 Seiten, 160 Abbildungen, 27 Tabellen, Hardcover.
Sprache der Veröffentlichung: Deutsch
ISBN: 978-3-433-02967-1

Here you can find the link to the publisher. Ernst & Sohn


Knowledge Transfer - Presentation Biberacher Geothermietag (Geothermal energy day)
Dr. Rainer Klein gave a talk on the 23rd October 2014 in the framework of the 11th Biberacher geothermal energy day on the topic: "Consequences of the thermal use of groundwater in the city of Biberach: Do we need thermal management?" The handout can be found under: hier und die Vortragsfolien finden Sie hier.


Knowledge Transfer - Presentation Marktredwitzer Bodenschutztage (Soil protection days)
In the framework of the 8th Marktredwitzer Bodenschutztage, Dr. Jörg Danzer gave a talk on "From training basins for fire extinguishers to drinking water reservoirs. - Transport von per­fluorierten Chemikalien (PFC) in der ungesättigten Bodenzone und im Grundwasser". Dr. Jörg Danzer hält am 10. Oktober 2014 im Rahmen der 8. Marktredwitzer Bodenschutztage einen Vortrag zum Thema: "Vom Feuerlöschübungsbecken zur Trinkwasserfassung - Transport of fluorinated surfectants in the soil layer and in groundwater". The conference transcript can be found here and the presentation slides here (for reasons of safety and data protection some slides were removed). A link to a youtube video, showing a fire extinction, can be found here.


_boden & grundwasser~ sponsors the traditional "Radlauf" of the Ski club Altstädten (a running and biking mountain race). Here a link to the club can be found: SC Altstädten

Radlauf SCA


Deconstruction of the Former Textiles Factory, Durach - Geotechnical Site Management
Geotechnical site management, sampling of excavated material, classification according to waste management legislation, waste management, communication with authorities.

Durach - 4 Durach - 5 Durach - 6


Deconstruction of Höllentalangerhütte - Geotechnical Supervision
Sampling of excavated material, chemical analysis, classification according to waste management legislation, waste management, communication with authorities, environmental mediation.

Höllentalanger - 1 Höllentalanger - 2 Höllentalanger - 3


Remediation Police-Office Mindelheim - Geotechnical supervision
Sampling of soil and construction material, chemical Analysis, classification according to waste management legislation, waste management.

Mindelheim - 1 Mindelheim - 2 Mindelheim - 3


Former Training Facility of the German Armed Forces - Preliminary Survey(Phase II)
Geophysical survey for warfare materials, soil sampling, chemical analysis for explosives, soil protection evaluation with respect to legislation, compilation of expert opinion.

StOÜbPl - 1 StOÜbPl - 2 StOÜbPl - 3


Knowledge- and Technology transfer - Geotherm Offenburg
_boden & grundwasser~ has been participating with a stand on the trade fair Geotherm 20th to 21st February 2014 in Offenburg.
Further information can be found here: Geotherm Offenburg 2014


Deconstruction of the former textiles factory, Durach - Deconstruction Investigation
Sampling of drill cores and construction materials, chemical analysis, analysis for asbestos, establishment of deconstruction and waste management concept, call for bids: deconstruction and waste management services, geotechnical support, geotechnical site management.

Durach - 1 Durach - 2 Durach - 3


Recultivation of a Gravel Pit in the Western Allgäu - External Monitoring
control investigation, examination of incoming material, risk assessment exposure pathway soil-groundwater, compilation of expert opinions.

Kiesgrube Westallgäu - 1 Kiesgrube Westallgäu - 2 Kiesgrube Westallgäu - 3


Knowledge transfer - annual meeting of the geo-ecological association (Verband für Geoökologie in Deutschland, VGöD)
On the 09th November 2013, Dr. Jörg Danzer gave a talk on: "Determination of geothermal parameters for the dimensioning of borehole heat exchangers" in the framework of the annual meeting in Bayreuth.
The programme can be found here: Verband für Geoökologie in Deutschland (VGöD)


Airport Schwaben, Fire-fighting Foams, Fluorinated surfectants
Groundwater sampling, Risk assessment of the exposure pathway soil-groundwater, compilation of expert opinions, communication with authorities.

PFT - 1 PFT - 2 PFT - 3


Knowledge transfer - Discussion Forum Geothermal Energy (Praxisforum Erdwärme)
On 17th Oktober 2013 Dr. Rainer Klein gave a talk on: "Dokumentation and Quality assurance for geothermal energy construction sites" in the framework of a training course for the operation of drilling equipment at the education centre Bau in Remshalden-Geradstetten.
The programme can be found here: Bauwirtschaft Südbaden


Airport Südbayern, Fire-extinction Foams, Fluorinated Surfectants
Review of expert opinions, literature study, risk assessment for the exposure pathway soil-groundwater communication with authorities.

PFC - 1 PFC - 2 PFC - 3


Commercial pathways at Kehlstein, Berchtesgaden
Examination of surface soil layers, risk assessment for the exposure pathways soil-human and soil-surface water.

Kehlstein - 1 Kehlstein - 2 Kehlstein - 3


Deconstruction factory buildings Robert-Bosch GmbH, Blaichach
Geotechnical site management, waste management, communication with authorities, documentation.

Blaichach - 4 Blaichach - 2 Blaichach - 3


Aircraft crash in alpine environment
Examination of surface soil layers, hazard assessment for the exposure pathways soil-human, soil-plant und soil-surface water.

Burggen - 1 Burggen - 2 Burggen - 3


Geothermal Energy Projekt in Hausham
Drilling prognosis, drilling supervision, documentation.

Hausham - 1 Hausham - 2 Hausham - 3


Traffic Accident in Burggen - Accident with Water Hazardous Substances
Supervision of the immediate and follow-up measures, damage assessment and management.

Burggen - 1 Burggen - 2 Burggen - 3


Presentation of the Company in the "Allgäuer Wirtschaftsmagazin", Special Edition Sonthofen (Allgäuer Wirtschaftsmagazin)


Waste Management of Concrete containing PCBs during Deconstruction of a Former Outdoor Pool in the framework of a water provision plan near the Vils at Pfronten - Steinach.

Pfronten - 1 Pfronten - 2 Pfronten - 3


Examination of the Improvement Capability of electricity from Solar Energy according to the german legislation on renewable energies (§32 (3), Nr. 2 EEG, Konversionsflächen). Soil-ecological Examination for a potential Photovoltaics-plant at the highway interchange "Allgäu". Pedological site evaluation, utilization research, evaluation of aerial photographs.

AD Allgäu - 1 AD Allgäu - 2 AD Allgäu - 3


A new member for the team

Geoecologist Johannes Karl supports the _boden & grundwasser~ team as a project manager at the office in Sonthofen - Welcome!


The Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) method for the monitoring of the suspension surface level during the drilling operation for borehole heat exchangers.

The technology and the status of development of this new measurement system has been presented to the public in Offenburg at the Praxisforum Erdwärme (discussion forum on geothermal heat) We will keep you up to date on all developments of this technology for the quality control of drilling operations.


German Military Site Sonthofen - Historical Investigation
_boden & grundwasser~ has been assigned to perform the historical investigation of the military sites in Sonthofen. Scope of services: Data evaluation, stereoscopic and time-lapse analysis of aerial photographs, interviews with contemporary witnesses, site visits, determination of potentially contaminated sites, presentation on maps, addition of data to geographic information systems (GIS).


Feasibility study of the potential remuneration of electricity generated from solar energy according to the german energy legislation (§32 (3), Nr. 2 EEG, Konversionsflächen). Soil-ecological investigation for a potential ground-mounted photovoltaic power plant at Dietmannsried/Schrattenbach (Oberallgäu). Pedological site investigation.

Schrattenbach - 1 Schrattenbach - 2 Schrattenbach - 3


Dr. Siegfried Kraft leaves the _boden & grundwasser~ team is going to work as a consultant in the car manufacturing sector. We wish Dr. Kraft all the best for the future!

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