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Dr. Rainer Klein

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Dr. Jörg Danzer

Altstädter Straße 11a

87527 Sonthofen

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We are looking for interns in the field of applied geoscience!
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We have joind the Allgäu brand as a partner!
We are looking forward to support the ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development of the Allgäu area.

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Technical Supervision - Reconstruction of canal and water pipe system in municipality Ronsberg
Sampling of soil, chemical analysis in the laboratory, evaluation of the results according to german waste legislation, recommendation for the waste disposal according to german legislation .

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Dr. Jörg Danzer


Jörg Danzer

Managing Director, Hazard Assessment, Certified Expert according to the german law for soil protection (§18 BBodSchG),
Working Procedures in contaminated sites, Work- and Safety plans (Expert knowledge according to german regulations contaminated sites (BGR 128)), Sampling of drinking water (Expert knowledge of german drinking water regulations (TrinkwV2001)), Planning and supervision of asbestos-dismantling-, remediation- and maintenance operations (Expert knowledge of german technical regulations for hazardous compounds (TRGS 519)) Sampling of Waste, material heaps, recycled construction material (Expert knowledge of german law on landfills (DepV), Expert knowledge of german regulations on sampling material from heaps (LAGA PN98)),
Assessment of fire and explosion hazard during operations on contaminated sites (Expert knowledge of german regulations on operational safety (TRBS 1203 Teil 1))


"Learning is fun!"


_Born 1965, married, 2 children

_1987 – 1993 University Studies: Geoecology University Bayreuth

_1994 – 1998 PhD, Centre for applied Geosciences (Zentrum für Angewandte Geowissenschaften, ZAG), University Tübingen

_1998 – 1999 Post-doc, ZAG University Tübingen, Technology-Transfer

_1999 – 2002 Engineering Office, Kempten (Soil- and Ground water protection, Contaminated Sites)

_2003 Engineering Office/Technology-Transfer-Company IMES GmbH Wangen

_2004 Accreditation as Certified Expert according to german law on soil protection (§18 BBodSchG)

_since 2003 _boden & grundwasser~

_Location: Sonthofen - Allgäu - Bayern - Germany



_Division Hydrology of the German Association for Geosciences(Fachsektion Hydrogeologie in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften e.V., FH-DGG)

_Association for Applied Geosciences Tübingen (Tübinger Gesellschaft für Angewandte Geowissenschaften e.V., TGAG)

_Association for Geoecology in Germany (Verband für Geoökologie in Deutschland e.V., VGöD)

_Engineering Technology Association on Brownfields e.V. (Engineering Technology Association on Brownfields e.V., ITVA)

_Austrian Association for Management of Contaminated Sites e.V. (Österreichischer Verein für Altlastenmanagement e.V., ÖVA)


Family, Mountaineering, Telemarking

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