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We are looking for interns in the field of applied geoscience!
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We have joind the Allgäu brand as a partner!
We are looking forward to support the ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development of the Allgäu area.

Allgäu Markenpartner


Technical Supervision - Reconstruction of canal and water pipe system in municipality Ronsberg
Sampling of soil, chemical analysis in the laboratory, evaluation of the results according to german waste legislation, recommendation for the waste disposal according to german legislation .

soil profile

Contaminated Sites

Non invasive and Historical Investigations

_Investigation of history of use, contemporary witness interviews, identification of areas of suspected contamination

_Evaluation of (historical) maps, files and aerial photographs

_Review and evaluation of geological, hydrogeological and pedological information

Sampling and Chemical Analyses

_Sampling of soil, soil air, leachate water, groundwater, surface water, drinking water (certified according to TrinkwV2001), construction material, buildings, excavated material, wood, sewage sludge, etc.

_Chemical analyses through a subcontractor (accredited analytical laboratory according to BBodSchG)

Technical Investigations (preliminary, detailed and remedial investigation)

_Shovel trench and bore hole

_Soil air and landfill gas

_Direct push and geophysics

_Column tests

_Immission pump tests, multilevel groundwater monitoring well, passive sampling


_Percolation water prognosis

_Risk evaluation of exposure pathways soil-human, soil-plant, soil-groundwater and soil-surface water

_"Abfallrecht" (german waste legislation)

_Legal and economical evaluation

Remediation of Contaminated Sites and Brownfield Conversion

_Remediation concepts and plans according to § 13 BBodSchG (german soil protection legislation)

_Deconstruction plans and waste management

_Call for bids for remediation and waste management services

_Application of innovative remediation technologies: "Dig-and-Treat", permeable reactive barriers, Funnel and Gate, Drain and Gate, optimised Pump and Treat, soil vapour extraction, airsparging, natural attenuation (monitored, enhanced), soil mixing, surfactant flushing, catalytic waste water treatment

_Remediation management, monitoring and documentation

Certified Expert's Reports and Review of Reports

_Expertise for courts, insurances, investors

_Assessment of existing reports

Groundwater Modelling

_Groundwater modelling (flow and transport)

_Dimensioning of water protection areas

_Development of groundwater management plans and concepts

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